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Ag Gag Laws in Canada

A new threat to animals is spreading across Canada. Since 2019, Ontario and Alberta have passed Ag-Gag laws and the meat industry is lobbying for them in Manitoba, Quebec and British Columbia. These laws make it illegal to expose animal cruelty in farms, slaughterhouses, transport and the fur industry, and also cover up abuse at puppy mills and labs. Gag laws institute censorship, restricting freedom of the press and free speech.

Animal Justice believes the laws are unconstitutional and will fight them in court. Starting today, join them in raising funds to help stop their spread. On November 14, take a 24-hour vow of silence; go voiceless for the animals who are silenced.

You can also show your support by making a tax deductible gift. The first $10, 000 raised will be doubled. Check out for more info!