Bill S-203 outlaws cetacean captivity

After a tortuous process that spanned 3 years, a bill to ban whale and dolphin captivity in Canada is set to become law!
Bill S-203, which will also outlaw captive breeding and the import/export of whale, their sperm or embryos, was passed in the House of Commons Monday morning.
• A coalition of over 20 leading marine scientists and stakeholder organizations have endorsed Bill S-203. Bill S-203 was supported by @hsiglobal, @animaljustice_, Humane Canada, marine scientists Dr. Lori Marino and Dr. Naomi Rose of the Whale Sanctuary Project, Ontario Captive Animal Watch, Phil Demers, the former head trainer at Marineland, World Animal Protection, Dr. David Suzuki, the @janegoodallinst, and more.
• Leading marine scientists agree that whales and dolphins suffer great psychological and physical harms in captivity, including isolation, chronic health problems, abnormal behaviour, high infant mortality and extreme boredom.
• Currently, only two facilities in the country house cetaceans – the Vancouver Aquarium, and Marineland in Niagara Falls. Now, these facilities will no longer be able to breed or import any new cetaceans into their facilities.

Check out Animal Justice for more information. Their lawyers work to pass strong new animal protection legislation, push for the prosecution of animal abusers and fight for animals in court.