Deforestation on Kangaroo Island

Camels in South Australia

Snipers from helicopters have started murdering more than 10,000 camels since January 8 to keep them from consuming the already scarce water supplies in South Australia.

Between the drought and wildfires, the decision to “cull” camels was made following an order from Aboriginal leaders on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands.

Local residents have voiced their complaints about the camels saying they’ve been entering their communities and stopping at nothing to find water sources including faucets and tanks for “livestock” use.

They are also being murdered over excuses about greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change yet nothing is being said about the 26.6 million cattle being raised in Australia or the mass quantities of water they consume and greenhouse gasses they emit.

⚠⚠This is in no way a legitimate response to the half a billion plus animals already burnt to death in the Australian bushfires.⚠⚠

Experts fear that the fires have made entire species extinct. Glossy black cockatoos and small marsupials named dunnarts are likely gone for good as a third of Kangaroo Island is now a “scorched wasteland”.

Koalas aren’t far behind extinction as they were fighting climate change and an insidious form of HPV causing cancer even before these massive bushfires. The world is on fire from the rainforests to the Australian outback and yet nobody wants to admit their burgers 🍔 and nuggets are the cause.

‼⚠‼Animal agriculture is responsible for these deaths. There is a twofold blow where animals are killed for food and then animal ag is a leading cause of climate chaos which is leading to the fires that are killing more animals.‼⚠‼

If you are opposed to these camels being killed and are shocked and saddened by all the animals being killed in the fires, ask yourself if you are contributing to their deaths. If you’re not vegan, the brutal reality is that you are contributing. Change that.

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