Eating Animals Causes Pandemics

WetmarketCars lined up at the main entrance to the Baishazhou wetmarket, one of the biggest in Wuhan which is buzzing again. The Chinese city where the Coronavirus first emerged has stirred back to “life” following a lockdown lasting for months. Even though China had announced that they banned the trade and consumption of wild animals, these wetmarkets are still full of them.

History has proven that pandemics start from eating animals.

Beijing failed to go public with the true scale of the pandemic and punished their whistleblowers, hampering other nation’s ability to respond on time. The Chinese government’s ego is bigger than the health of its citizens and the lives of the rest of the world.

What can you take away from this? Buy products made locally, avoid supporting this cruel regime and go VEGAN!

No one is talking about the true cause of the pandemic. Take Canada. While the virus has infected over 90K of it’s citizens, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau funded a $62.5 million aid for the fish and seafood sector and $252 million into the agriculture space, the very industries that cause epidemics in the first place. While everyone is distracted with the outbreak, discussion is quietly happening in Ontario to try and pass Bill 156, a bill to “protect farmers, and others, from risks”. Those “risks” target whistleblowers and journalists by making it illegal to expose horrible conditions on farms and food-processing facilities, the very kind of conditions that cause epidemics. The very kind of conditions that already caused three major outbreaks at food plants in Ontario.

While Ontario doesn’t have strong laws when it comes the conditions of animals right now, there’s still a few things you can do: