A Chicken

Chickens are socially complex creatures

Many people believe chickens don’t have emotions, but they’re actually socially complex creatures.

Some facts you may not know:
🐔 Chickens dream
🐥 they communicate vocally with their chicks
🐔 They need their privacy just like us
🐥 They like playing
🐔 They feel sadness when a flock member dies
🐥 Their excellent memory enables them to recognize up to 100 different faces.
🐔 In spite of all their emotions, at this moment there are 22 billion (22,000,000,000) chickens locked up.

Surprised? That’s not surprising.
We only meet chickens stripped of their feathers.
Stripped of their fears.
Stripped of their dreams.
Stripped of their personality.
Stripped of their complexity.
Stripped of life.

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