Apocalyptic Earth

Earth Day Actions

Imagine a future so apocalyptic that earth is uninhabitable by any living being. This is very much the reality of our future.

Today, approximately 1 billion people will participate in Earth Day celebrations, and countless people will plant trees, clean up rivers, pledge not to use plastic bags and decide to walk rather than drive. All of this helps, of course, but it’s not going to save the planet.

Our most serious environmental problems– climate change, overexploited natural resources, deforestation, wasted land, water and air pollution – as well as today’s most serious health problems, including heart disease and cancer, are all directly linked to the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products. Humans are “eating away at their own life support systems.”

Our Planet Earth is dying all around us on a scale not seen since the annihilation of the dinosaurs. That’s the alarming finding of a new study on extinction rates recently published in Science Advances, which has estimated the Earth’s biodiversity is very likely being eradicated at a pace not seen in at least 65million years. The research suggests the planet is currently undergoing the 6th mass extinction event in its 3.5billion year history of life.

“If the currently elevated extinction pace continues, humans will soon (in as little as 3 human lifetimes) be deprived of many biodiversity benefits,” according to the study. “This loss would be effectively permanent.”

It’s time to face what some may consider an inconvenient truth: our meat, egg and dairy habits are destroying the planet. Let’s not forget about being an environmentalist the moment we sit down to eat.

So don’t just read this and then go back to eating your sushi and milkshake, or throw garbage where it doesn’t belong. Take responsibility. Do what you can. If you don’t care about doing it for animals and you, do it for your children. If we are to halt climate change and environmental destruction while stopping animal suffering and improving our health, we must celebrate Earth Day every day – at every meal.

Report environmental crimes to Canada’s Environmental Enforcement Unit and report natural resource issues when you see it.

Thanks to @sulmanhusain from @teambigday for this beautiful #mattepainting.