Environmental Racism

Do you know what “Environmental Racism” is?

It’s what happens when a powerful industry sprays feces, urine and blood from 7.5 million pigs on low-income communities who don’t have any political power, making them sick, and forcing them to be prisoners in their own homes. It’s what’s happening right now in North Carolina.

This is environmental racism; this is injustice. And it’s just one of many ways animal agriculture hurts people:

– There are the under-privileged, desperate, mostly immigrant people working in slaughterhouses (doing the killing most of us wouldn’t be able to) and suffering from PTSD, alcoholism, and drug addiction because of it.
– There are the people in developing countries who are starving to death because their grain is being sold to feed cows in developed countries so the people there can eat steak.
– There are our friends, and family members dying of cancer and heart disease every single day (1 in 3) because corporations and governments are pushing food on us that they know makes us sick.

Animal agriculture isn’t just an animal rights issue, it’s a human rights issue, too.

Now, I ask you: If the pigs being tortured and killed is not enough to make you care, and if the people being sprayed, being forced to kill, starving to death, and dying of heart disease and cancer is not enough either… What exactly will it take?

How many victims do you need before you put the meat down? – Photo of Elsie Herring, one of the victims of Smithfield Foods who is calling what they’re doing environmental racism.

If you witness environmental dumping in Canada, report it to the government’s Environmental Enforcement Unit.