Woman Wearing Fur

Fox fur

The disconnect this woman has between wearing fox fur and holding a Pomeranian dog is atrocious and disgusting, isn’t it? Who is ignorant enough to not make the connection between the canine she is wearing and the canine she loves?

Sadly, way too many people are. Many of the fur wearers in our cities, wearing coats like @canadagoose and @nobisinc coyote dog fur and skin, walk their dogs at the same time.

If you witness someone doing just that, or if you are walking your dog and a fur-wearer approaches you to pet your dog (I’ve been in this situation many times with @pomthepomeranian), saying something like, “You must love dogs! So you must not know about what your fur-trim is made of…” is a great ice-breaker to informing them about how their coat is cruelly made, and that wearing it also promotes cruelty. Let them know that they can:

1) Donate the fur-trim to a sanctuary to keep orphaned animals warm (by either zipping the trim off or getting it removed at an alterations/tailor) and emailing AnimalRightsToronto (at) gmail (dot) com to find out who to give it to.

2) Trade in their Canada Goose or similar fur-trim parka and get up to $300 CAD ($225 USD) off a @WullyOuterwear parka! All jackets collected will be distributed by charities to homeless and at risk individuals in need.

3) Donate your fur to PETA. Your donation will be tax deductible! Clean your closet—and clear your conscience—by simply mailing your unwanted furs to:
Attn.: Fur Campaign,
501 Front St.,
Norfolk, VA 23510

4) Report illegal fur poaching to the Wildlife Crimestoppers and the Government’s Border Watch Line.