Santa Claus

How to have a happy humane holiday

Christmas celebrations are the cause of considerable cruelty. Slaughtered and eaten, and given away as presents like disposable toys– these are just a few of the ways in which animals suffer for our seasonal pleasure.

So as the countdown to the festivities begins, we should all take a moment to think about the millions of animals who will suffer and die for our celebrations and how each of us can make simple changes to ensure a Christmas with compassion. IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET, this can be accomplished easily!

Don’t serve up cruelty on your table. There are plenty of veggie turkey roasts available on the high-street such as Redwoods Cheatin’ Turkey or @the_tofurky_company. GOOGLE “Vegan recipes for Christmas dinner.”

One in five Americans intend to spend between $500-$999, whereas 14% plan to spend between $250-$499 this year on Christmas gifts. But how we spend it can have a profound impact on the lives of animals around the globe?

Choosing ethical presents is easy if you ask yourself one simple question before buying – has an animal suffered to make this product? If the answer is yes, leave cruelty on the shelf. GOOGLE whether the product you are intending on buying has:
👉🏽been tested on animals (ex. Perfume, aftershave, make-up).
👉🏽if the coat, boots, clothing doesn’t use real fur/skins/angora. CHECK LABELS!! (AVOID @CanadaGoose, @Ugg, @nobisinc, to name a few).

It may seem like a good idea to surprise someone with a cute furry friend, but the reality is that animals purchased on a whim or given to someone unexpectedly stand a very high chance indeed of being abandoned after Christmas, and eventually being destroyed.

Choosing the right companion requires careful research by the person who will ultimately be responsible for the animal’s everyday welfare. If you or your family still want a pet after the festivities are over, visit your local rescue shelter and give a homeless animal a home.

Follow these tips, and you can have a happy, humane holiday!