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National Dog Day

Today is #NationalDogDay! If you’re looking to bring a dog or cat home, please #AdoptDontShop – it’s one of the best things you can do to SAVE LIVES and stop pet overpopulation in North America:

3 Reasons to adopt:
1) By adopting, you’re saving 2 lives – the life of your new pet and the life of another who can be placed in rescue/shelter by the spot you opened.
2) Adopting reduces demand for new pets to be bred. Without demand, puppy mills and back yard breeders can be put out of business.
3) Rescued pets are spayed/neutered, ensuring no additional unwanted pets are brought into this world.

Rescue & Adoption Myths:

MYTH: 😾 Rescue pets come with too much baggage.
False. Many pets end up into rescue at no fault of their own, and are perfectly happy and healthy. Common reasons why they end up in rescue include:
•Owners are moving to housing that doesn’t allow pets
•A family member develops allergies
•Owner can no longer afford their pet
•Owner no longer has time for their pet.

MYTH: 😾Rescues and shelters don’t have puppies or single-breed dogs.
FALSE! There are countless puppies in rescue. Services like @Petfinder allow you to search for the type of puppy you’re looking for. There are breed-specific rescue dogs across North Americ for almost every breed. Most rescues accept out-of-Province adopters and will transport dogs cross-country.

MYTH: 😾Why pay an adoption fee when I can get a free pet? Getting a free pet may seem like a deal, but after your first vet visit, you’ll surely think otherwise. Rescues cover all necessary vetting, including:
~Spaying/neutering $200 – $600+
~Vaccinations $25 – $50
~Flea/tick treatment $40 – $150
~Microchip $50 – $75

MYTH:😾I don’t know what I’m getting.

There is more info available about an adoptable pet in a rescue/shelter than one from a breeder/petstore. Fosters can detail the pet’s behaviours, likes, dislikes and health. Pet store owners/staff have no idea what a pet will be like in a home.

MYTH:😾There’s too much hassle in adopting; paperwork, home visits, etc.

Applications ensure the best match for both the adopter and the pet

Think you’ve witnessed an animal that is in need of rescue? Contact the Government’s Animal Welfare Enforcement or anonymously via the Animal Cruelty category of Crime Stoppers .