Vegan Chart

Vegan Activists

If you have adopted the opinion that vegans are angry people, whether it was an impression you got from me or other animal rirights activists, please understand that the majority of us are not angry people— we are just frustrated. (Very frustrated.) In every instance or wave of activism regarding opression, violence and injustice, there always has and always will be immense frustration towards those who continue to condone and participate in the oppression, violence and injustice despite having knowledge of what is going on, and the effect it is having on others: people, animals and the planet.

You (and the rest of us) HAVE been brain washed by the meat and dairy industry, which, with its multi-billion dollar advertising budget and government subsidies has crept its roots into the education system, media, and even into false beliefs of well-meaning medical professionals, nutritionists and more.

We are trying to re-educate based on what is RIGHT, not what is profitable, addictive and convenient. IT’S NOT FUN FIGHTING FOR THIS. There are plenty of other things animal rights activists could be spending their time doing. But it is a moral obligation. Facing the reality of what is happening to animals and the planet due to the dietary and lifestyle choices we have been conditioned into IS draining, depressing, and yes, for every “BUT BACON” response we get, we – are frustrated.

Please, please, please open your eyes. Watching documentaries like Earthlings and Cowspiracy is a good start.