Got Milk Ad

Got misery? Milk does

Calves have a piece of plastic inserted into their noses that doesn’t allow their mouths to access their mother cow’s udders. Some flaps take it even further and come equipped with spikes that cause the cow to reject the mouth of her calf due to being poked and irritated by her own baby’s nose. For the taste of beef, for a picked bone on an empty plate; all of this suffering is glossed over by the word “humane” to satisfy bellies with a lowered sense of guilt.

The calves birthed on dairy farms are a by-product to the dairy industry. They serve no purpose aside from their eventual slaughter (sold as “Veal” in some restaurants) and causing their mothers to lactate, so their milk can be sold to us.

Please watch my music video to get an idea of what dairy cows and their children go through.