What about canine teeth?

“But humans have canine teeth so that means we should eat meat!”

1. Not only do most mammals have canines; but the largest canine teeth of any land mammal belong to a true herbivore: Hippos are extremely territorial; their canines, which can reach a terrifying 16inches in length, are used for combat. The hippo’s diet consists of grass.

2. Gorillas are almost exclusively herbivorous. Mountain gorillas prefer a diet of foliage: leaves, stems, pith and a small amount of fruit. Lowland gorillas eat the same but they eat more fruits, and occasionally, ants or termites.

3. Saber-toothed deer (aka Musk Deer), are herbivores living in mountains of South Asia. The males’ canine teeth form saber-like tusks which they use in territorial disputes or when competing for mates. Their menu is a gore fest: leaves, flowers, grasses, mosses and lichens.

4. Grass makes up to 90% of the Geladas’ diet. The rest consists of flowers, rhizomes, roots, and small plants. Insects may be eaten but rarely. Geladas use their sharp, 2inch canines to attack rivals or predators.

5. Camels are herbivores with an lifespan of about 40yrs. They eat foliage, grass and desert vegetation. Sharp canine teeth enable them to crush woody plants for food.

6. The Javalina, Peccary, is a furry cousin of the pig. Javelina eat a variety of native plant foods including agave, mesquite beans, roots, nuts, and other fruits/vegetation. Their canine teeth are used for self defence and to shred cactus pads, a primary source of nourishment.
7. Leading public health organizations worldwide now acknowledge that a vegan diet instead of eating animal-based foods have significant health benefits, including reduction in obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, and some types of cancer.

8. Humans have NO biological need to consume meat or any animal products. When animals kill other animals for food, they do so to survive; they have no choice. Many humans DO have a choice. When people with access to plant based foods choose to consume animals anyway — they are not killing from necessity as animals (and some humans in crisis) do.

Post scriptum: The animals listed above are also poached and traded. If you witness illegal Wildlife trade in person, please report it. Report Illegal Wildlife Trade that you find online. For countries in Asia, report it to the WarnAsia Network.